How do I register for The Gathering?

All registrations will be done online via our new R! website. R! accepts all major credit cards for payment. Please click here to register.

What is included in my registration?

R! gathering packet, and refreshments that will be located in the café area in the lobby. There is also a 10% discount on all R! products and merchandise (please see information table or packet for more details)

Are meals included in my registration?

This year’s focus will be a time of worship, intercession and consecration. Bishop has encouraged that R! leaders and team members share in a corporate fast. As a result, we will not be serving lunch or meals as is the normal custom of our meetings

Why is there a registration fee?

God is doing some amazing things with R! in this season. As promised He is taking us through a season of revitalization and regrouping. A part of this “new thing” that He is doing requires us to update all of our management and communication systems as well as our resources; as a result, all registration fees will assist with these items. In addition, we are making certain internal changes that will support each R! team member. The fees will also be allocated to make sure your experience with R! is fresh and impactful. Please click here for registration costs

Can I cancel my registration?

You are free to cancel your registration; however, all registration fees are non-refundable

What safety measures are in place due to COVID-19?

please see the host church COVID-19 policy here

Am I required to wear a mask?

Please see the host church’s mask policy here

What is the schedule for the conference?

Please click here for an outline of the conference. Please know the schedule is subject to change

Can I see who the conference speakers and guests are before I arrive?

Please click here for a list of speakers and guests

What are the breakout sessions?

There will be two breakout sessions. 1) Tuesday for all R! network pastors and leaders 2) Wednesday a tentative RMI (R!) info session for mid-day Wednesday. For further information on the breakout sessions, please see your Gathering packet once you arrive

Will there be a R! team meeting?

The team meeting will be held at the host church during the Tuesday breakout session. You will receive further details regarding the meeting once you have arrived

Who can attend the R! team meeting?

Normally, our R! meetings are closed, but this year we are opening them up to a select group of people: 1) those invited by R! team members who feel this will be a good connection point for new members 2) those local Pittsburgh Pastors invited by Bishop Garlington

Is there a suggested hotel?

The suggested hotel is the Hilton Honors located in Monroeville, PA. For more information on room availability please click Here

What is the address for the venue?

Covenant Church of Pittsburgh 2110 Andrews Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15221

Is there transportation provided?

Each R! member is responsible for their own transportation during their stay in Pittsburgh

Will sessions be audio and video recorded for later distribution?

As of now, evening services will be live streamed and able to watch on-demand

This year we chose Pittsburgh.

We decided to designate this event to be a spiritual/revival/pursuit-of-God time, in as much we were all sensing the need to hear from God.
This year several things are pushing us toward a focused time i.e., Acts 13 where the leaders gathered together to minister to the Lord, with prayer and fasting — and the Holy Spirit spoke! These three days will be filled with prophetic worship, hearing from apostles and prophets and active corporate prayer.

If I have any additional questions not mentioned here who should I contact?

Debbie Garlington at reconciliation@mac.com or Adrianna P. Simon at adrianna.p.simon@gmail.com or 480-652-0014