Dr. Mikel A. Brown


Dr. Mikel Brown is an author, businessman, international speaker, and licensed clinical counselor who lives in El Paso, Texas. He is also an ordained minister with over 40-years of pulpit and pastoral experience. From a tiny garage and with only eight initial church members, Dr. Brown has been able to take a God-inspired vision and grow it into a vast enterprise with far reaching influence. He is the 1983 founder and senior pastor of Christian Joy Center (CJC) ministries which presently operate in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. In 1998 he started and oversaw the turnkey construction of a 51,000 square-feet worship facility, and in June 2000, the congregation held its first service in the new edifice.  As the presiding Bishop of Evangelical Christian Church Ministries (E.C.C.M.), Dr. Brown provides guidance and mentorship to countless E.C.C.M. affiliated pastors and leaders from both CJC and non-CJC churches across the US. Operating with a powerful apostolic anointing, Dr. Brown envisions raising up pastors and planting no less than 100 churches throughout the US and bringing them under the spiritual leadership of the E.C.C.M. umbrella — the headquarters of which is in El Paso, Texas.  

Dr. Brown pursues life passionately, and he attributes his success in life to a solid relationship with Jesus Christ. He maintains an uncompromising commitment to applying God’s Biblical principles in all areas of life, both personally and in business. According to Dr. Brown, every decision he makes with respect to his business dealings must first pass through the filter of God’s approval before being executed. As a result, He pursues only those endeavors which will ultimately benefit God’s kingdom or further His agenda in the earth. Constantly searching for ways to capitalize on the synergistic benefits of combining church and secular business opportunities, Dr. Brown formed several CJC in-house, subsidiary business ventures in the 90s, including a publishing company, advertising agency, preschool & academy, and childcare learning center (added in 2016) — all of which generate separate revenue streams to support kingdom business. Apart from these church-related enterprises, he is also an investor and part owner of several other companies.

Dr. Brown is a thought leader and influencer who oversees several strategic initiatives to empower individuals to succeed in all facets of life:

  1. Dream Makers 99 is a conservatory of Business & Entrepreneurship where business-minded individuals learn to start new businesses, expand existing ones, or learn the general principles of wealth creation. From this forum of likeminded thinkers, Dr. Brown became affectionately known as the Dream Maker. From its inception in 2002 to 2015, Dr. Brown served as CEO and Master Facilitator for this school of applied learning.  
  2. Mentorship Connection Program is a life coaching program that seeks to develop top-flight leaders in their respective walks of life by providing them with seasoned wisdom to address the issues affecting their personal and professional lives. This program has helped NBA coaches and players, business leaders, military professionals, and law enforcement officers. From its inception in 1997 to the present, Dr. Brown has served as the Key Facilitator for this program.  
  3. Marriage Mechanics is an intensive marriage counseling program created based upon Dr. Brown’s wildly popular marriage seminars and his book titled ‘How To Fix Your Marriage Without Using a Hammer’. This program was launched to give couples the tools needed to succeed in marriage. One critical component of this program are the “Marriage Mechanics” who are qualified to step in and help overhaul troubled relationships. From its inception in 2006 to the present, Dr. Brown serves as the program’s Chief Marriage Mechanic.
  4. Power Communication Network (PCN) is an empowerment organization dedicated to helping corporations and small businesses to achieve faster results while at the same time increasing their productivity and efficiency. It does this through seminars conducted by some of the nation’s most successful business, success, and motivational speakers. From its inception in 1997 to the present, Dr. Brown has served as the CEO and Chief Business Coach.


Dr. Brown has authored roughly fifteen books. His consistent top-4 best sellers include: 1) ‘How to Fix Your Marriage Without Using a Hammer’, which shows you how to improve your marriage in as little as 15 minutes a day, 2) ‘Unexpected Treasures’, which helps readers to locate wealth in life where they never thought to look, and 3) ‘Turn On Your Life’, which inspires you to unlock the power to make life work for you, and 4) ‘Building Wealth From The Ground Up’, which provides readers with practical tools for obtaining wealth. 


A highly sought after public speaker for conferences, corporations, and churches, Dr. Brown has spoken in the United Kingdom, Germany, Kenya, Africa, Belgium, and the Bahamas. He has been a keynote lecturer at the University of Texas at El Paso and Sul Ross State University. Kmart Corporation also secured Dr. Brown’s business wisdom and ideas to provide consulting services for its sales force. The US Army Chaplain Corps has requested the services of Dr. Brown’s inspiring messages on numerous occasions to provide comfort and motivation to help soldiers dealing with the myriad stresses of Army life.  


Dr. Mikel Brown has been married to the lovely Debra Brown for 27 years, and together they have raised three wonderful children. He holds a D.Min. in Religious Studies, a M.S. in Social Psychology, and a B.A. in Sociology.